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The Cholesterol Paradox

Now that you've all been taught that saturated fat is bad because it raises your cholesterol level and gives you heart attacks, give me a few moments to...


Bogus Estrogen - Synthetic Estrogen

Synthetic estrogens create a huge toxic threat to our health. These estrogens form an advancing army that surrounds us. And we risk our health-even our lives-if we don't...


Social Proof - Being Different

Social proof is a advertising concept based on the fact most people don't like to be different. To get people to accept a new idea or product, you...


Endocrine - Magic Bullets and Body Parts

Doctors have trained us well. In medical practice today, every body function has its own specialty: Cardiology, gastroenterology, endocrinology, podiatry, otology, ophthalmology, and on and on. Doctors who...


A Sigh - Strange Symptoms

We moved a lot, so I went to ten schools in twelve years. I was always the new kid. Take it from me, most teachers are a whole...

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