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Coffee: Health by the Mug

Conventional wisdom says coffee's bad. Doctors agree. Magazines second the motion. You can hardly find a kind word about coffee. Which is just a tad bizarre since coffee...

Moving to Health

Endocrine system - Moving to Health

Judging from the questions showing up in my e-mail, I fell short in explaining my Moving to Health membership program. A whole lot short, as a matter of...

Killer Milk

Killer Milk

Milk and cookies make a great snack, right? Well, maybe not so much. Besides the fact the cookies almost certainly have high fructose corn syrup in them, everyday...


The Problem With Synthroid

The dismal decade of the 1960s introduced a typhoon of cultural catastrophes. And heading the list were thyroid blood tests and Synthroid. If you know anything about the...


Should You Take Enzymes?

Since enzymes are a hot topic nowadays, and everybody who is anybody says you oughta take them, we need to talk about this. First, some background. Everything our...

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