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Eat Fat! Live Long and Prosper!

Man, oh, man, have we been brainwashed! Doctors learn it in med school. Magazines write about it. In fact, everywhere we look, it's accepted as fact, perhaps even...


Fatty Liver - What to Avoid

Rivers from Connecticut asks: My husband (age 64) and I (age 65) both have non-alcoholic fatty liver. What do you recommend for this condition? First, let's define non-alcoholic...

Blood Tests

Understanding Blood Tests

I'm the not-so-proud owner of a stent. And a bit annoyed about it because it could have been avoided. I had the right test, homocysteine. And the doc...


Help for Multiple Sclerosis - MS Patients

Walt asks, "Do you have any recommendations for MS patients?" Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease wherein our body attacks itself with great vigor. It starts because the...

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