Angels: God’s Warrior Angels


Pat Backora

Patricia Backora writes articles on problems in the contemporary church, and looks solely to correctly applied Scripture for answers to those problems.Kingdom Age Ministry Ban Preacher Greed Tough Love

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  1. Gorette Carroll says:

    Hi Pat. I really enjoyed your article. I am a 52 year old wife in Chicago and love the Lord with everything in my being. I had a strange dream 4 years ago. After walking around in my house one day, crying out to God that I fear people in general and I love everybody and just want love back in this life and won’t mind if He take me away to a safe place; an Angel appeared to me that night in a dream telling me No!! The Angel then proceeded to tell me I am an Warrior Angel and my job is not complete. Earlier this year I had an second dream. The same Angel gave me a stern warning. He stood there and a scroll fell down from his hands with so many words. I could not read it but at the bottom it said Effesians . I had to study Effesians!! I think now God just wants me to grow strong in knowing Him and wear my armor like an warrior! What do you think.
    Love on Jesus and God Bless you!
    Gorette Carroll

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