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God Designed Marriage To Be Permanent

God Designed Marriage To Be Permanent

God designed marriage to be permanent. He did not change His own law and allow for divorce! That is absolutely ridiculous. Moses changed the law because of people's...

Family Responsibility

You Have a Family Responsibility

Then Moses and the priests, the Levites, spoke to all Israel, saying, "Take heed and listen, O Israel: This day you have become the people of the LORD...

Marriage: Detach With Love

Marriage: Detach With Love

As we all know there are times in marriage when we need to detach from our spouse. We are imperfect people living in an imperfect world. Realistically, even...


Adultery is Forgivable

First of all let me say this, I don't condone adultery. And just because it is forgivable by God, if a spouse repents and turns from their sin,...


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