Category: Family

A Divine Marriage

A Divine Marriage

A divine marriage begins on a firm foundation based on the living life of Jesus Christ, namely the Holy Spirit. Who is Jesus? What did Jesus do for...

Improper Habits

5 Ways To Give Up Improper Habits

I use the word "improper" because I hate using the word "bad". Bad sounds evil or terrible, and some habits just aren't that bad; they might be annoying...

Does Your Marriage Belong To God?

Does Your Marriage Belong to God?

What do you think your purpose is for your marriage? Did you know that when you married your spouse God united you together in one flesh? That means...

God Designed Marriage To Be Permanent

God Designed Marriage To Be Permanent

God designed marriage to be permanent. He did not change His own law and allow for divorce! That is absolutely ridiculous. Moses changed the law because of people's...

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