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Phthalate: They May Be Out to Get Us

I've talked before about plant-based estrogen look-alikes that throw our endocrine systems into a tizzy. Read my article about soy here. and my article about flaxseed here. Both...


Could It Be Lyme Disease?

A dismayed grandmother commented on my article "The Autism Wars." Her precious grandson was diagnosed and treated as autistic-when, in fact, he has lyme disease. She reports that a...


The Sorry Truth About Soy

There's a huge soy bandwagon roaring down the tracks. It's everywhere; 60% of prepared foods contain soy. Even some vitamins, too. Can we talk about this? Of course...


Chemotherapy - Judicial Overreach

And yet another judge has appointed himself God and issued a decree-probably a death sentence-to an innocent teen boy who had the misfortune to get lymphoma. Judge John...


The Autism Wars - Mom or Glutamate

Choose which side to join in the latest autism war. One side says the mother's lack of Vitamin D during pregnancy causes autism, while the other side says...


Soy - Whom Can You Trust?

Well, Dr. Andrew Weil put his foot in it-again. In his 5/16/09 column, he intones the politically correct mantra of the medical world that soy is good for...


TSH Tales

Yikes! I just read that a low TSH means a longer life-and feeling better as you go. Since my pituitary gland remains on a perpetual strike, it doesn't...


Doctors - What We're Up Against

40% of the U.S. population has thyroid problems. Few of them will ever feel really well again because doctors don't believe in the one medicine that will help....

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