Category: Health


Statin Drugs vs Your Thyroid

Statin drugs are a disaster. Always have been; always will be. Let's take a quick run through some statin history, then discuss why statin drugs are so dangerous....


Statin Drugs are the Enemy

Holy Moley, Maude, the statin news continues its downhill slide. In fact, it's reached the speed and size of an avalanche, and you have to wonder if-perhaps even...


A Quick Look at Symptoms

Our endocrine system--thyroid, adrenals, pancreas, thymus, pineal, hypothalamus, pituitary, parathyroids, bones, ovaries, testes and blubber--control all of health. And the endocrine glands spend a whole lot of time...


Ketchup Is A Health Food?

If, while attending a banquet, you want to cause those around you to gasp in horror, and also give the waiter a heart attack, ask for ketchup. Poor...


Exercise - One Way to Tone Your Abs

We're told good health requires exercise. Perhaps we've heard the chanting of mantras such as "No pain; no gain." And all that talk about exercise fails to make...


Lymphedema - A Strange Path to Health

Our lymphatic circulation system, part of the immune system, is about getting rid of bad guys-bacteria, etc. We don't hear so much about where any of our immune...

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