Category: Health

healed to be a healer

Healed to be a Healer

In the 21st century we are able to receive and get messages in seconds due to the advancement of technology. We get valuable information on topics from both...

sugar overload syndrome

Sugar Overload Syndrome

It's hard to pass up treats made with sugar sometimes. But I know that I have to, or I will get "sugar overload syndrome". Eating too many sugary...


Healed: Some Christians Don't Get Healed

Why Some Christians don't get Healed? Many Christians don't get healed because of their unbelief, unforgiveness, unconfessed sins, secret sins, pride, addictions, influence of unbelievers, Pharisees spirits, demons,...


Disease and Emotions

The medical world admits that 75% to 85% of all disease is stress-related. That would make most diseases emotionally rooted, wouldn't it? If God tells us to be...

dry drunk

The Anguish of a Dry Drunk

A dry drunk is someone who exhibits alcoholic behaviors and thinking but has not actually had any alcohol. A dry drunk displays the same signs and symptoms as...

bogus medicine

Bogus Medicine

Here's the scene: You go to the doctor dragging your patooty behind you. Your body has ballooned whilst your hair got thin. You discovered a whole new definition...

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