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Stop, Think about Choices

Willetta Pilcher

My name is Willetta Pilcher. I am 78 years old, married to my husband, Cecil, for 60 years, and we’ve raised six wonderful children. Our quiver is full of loving in-laws, grandchildren (18) and great-grandchildren (15 and counting). It is our hearts desire that you will be blessed and moved toward spiritual growth in a world bent on tearing down every ounce of faith possible. As our site develops, I trust that you will find encouragement and spiritual blessing. If it causes you to think about and grow in your relationship with Jesus then our efforts will not have been in vain. Note: Willetta is now living with Jesus

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  1. Paul T Rock says:

    We have the only religion; that starts with a virgin womb, and end up with an empty tomb….You like that!!!!!

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