Cholesterol Isn’t the Enemy


Can we all get over our fixation on cholesterol? I mean, now that it’s clear that this isn’t what’s causing heart disease?

But, but, but, if cholesterol is building up in my arteries, doesn’t that mean it’s the problem?

Actually, no. It is simply trying to patch up raw spots in your arteries that were caused by inflammation-which is the problem. Cholesterol is the overworked, underappreciated good guy in the scenario.

Get rid of inflammation, and you get rid of a lot of problems. including cardiovascular ‘events.’ But that’s another article for another day.

While the medical community makes its slow transition from cholesterol to inflammation as the villain of the piece, here are some facts you should know.

Brain needs cholesterol

The brain needs plenty of cholesterol to function. A brain is a terrible thing to waste, especially for a mistake.

The endocrine system-the thyroid, adrenals, pancreas, gonads, etc-needs it to keep us awake, alert and ready to make life happen.

Consider the thyroid: A healthy thyroid needs saturated fat to make thyroid hormone. That’s your metabolism we’re talking about.

The adrenals, which provide general energy and the ability to cope with stress, also need cholesterol to make their hormones. And it’s not a case of a little dab’ll do ya, either.

Low cholesterol means low libido, too.

And a cholesterol level scraping bottom brings along an increased risk of stroke and cancer.

So cholesterol is a good thing.

Let’s go a little farther. The mistaken cholesterol hysteria includes a sub-myth that meat, especially red meat, leads us to destruction with every bite.

Not so fast here, Chester. Red meat, mostly beef, provides excellent nutrition we can’t get otherwise. For one major thing, it gives us an array of minerals-in a form we can use, in a balance that works well and in the wide variety we need.

And minerals keep the wheels turning. You can chug vitamins until you’re blue in the face, but without minerals, they can’t do so much.

It’s the minerals that allow the vitamins to do their thing. Without minerals, we open the door to degenerative disease.

Eating meat-even well marbled meat-doesn’t raise cholesterol levels, which has been proved by study after study going back a couple hundred years.

Fire up the barby. We eat hearty tonight!

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God is good,

Bette Dowdell   
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P.S. Bette Dowdell is not a doctor, nor does she purport to be She’s a patient who’s been studying and successfully handling her own endocrine problems for more than 30 years. She offers introductory teleseminars and an in-depth 12-month subscription program, “Moving to Health” about living well with endocrine issues. She explains how things work-or don’t, discusses what things to avoid as well as the things that help, and she provides a lot of well-researched nutritional information. Subscribe to her free e-zine at Information is power.

Bette Dowdell

Bette Dowdell writes about taking control of your own health because that's the only choice life gave her.

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Bette Dowdell

Bette Dowdell writes about taking control of your own health because that's the only choice life gave her.

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