Divorce: Gospel of Matthew – Chapter 5

Mark 10:9 Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.

Paul George

Retired pastor from The Church of the Nazarene.

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  1. Susanna Dolan says:

    a Jeovah Witness told me today that divorce is right in cases of domestic abuse and violence….it doesn’t mention anything here, only adultery…she told me Matthew said if your life is in danger you have a right to divorce….could you please find that passage for me? The Church was very hostile to me even if I suffered terrible abuse from my husband….he would shout at me for hours day and night, play vicious mind games, turn my daughters against me with terrible lies, put his hands at my throat and threaten to kill me, then deny he ever did it, smash my stuff and laugh at me when I was sick and needed his help. I slept in fear in the room next door thinking he would come to kill me….some people at the church helped me, but only a few…some even said they would pray for me and my husband to stay together, they told me I had to forgive him. So I took the abuse for years. Even the priest, whom I loved, was preaching against divorce telling me not to talk o him about my situation…some help he was!!!! Now I am divorced and broken by the abuse, I lost a Christian friend because I divorced and told her I couldn’t forgive my husband because he wasn’t sorry…he used to play this game because I was a Christian, he would abuse me and tell me I had to forgive him because I went to church, then as soon as I forgave him he would abuse me again for years this went on….who can judge me for divorcing? If that woman was right and Matthew said in the Gospel that when your life is in danger you can divorce, please be a good Christian and tell everybody so that prejudice against people who suffered abuse and divorced can end. Thank you.

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