Father’s Day~~With Gratitude for The Faith of Our Fathers

faith of our fathers

The hymn, Faith of Our Fathers, inspires the worshipper to be true to our forefathers’ Christian faith and to lead others to Christ through the example we set in our own lives.  As Father’s Day approaches, it is with gratitude to God that I remember those whom we have loved and lost awhile as well as those who are still blessing our lives here on earth.

I’d like to share three brief profiles of Fathers of Faith, men who have blessed my life.

Bishop Frank Lewis Robertson

My father was a United Methodist minister serving churches throughout South Georgia.  He served as a United Methodist Bishop from 1972 until his retirement in 1980.  He was a beloved pastor and a dynamic preacher of God’s Word during his 50+ years as a minister.  His love for God and for the people whom he served was an inspiring example to everyone who knew him.

On December 19, 1992, at age 75, Daddy entered into the holy presence of the Father he had served so faithfully throughout his earthly life.  I felt a profound sense of loss which will be with me until we meet in the Father’s house.  I have sought to honor his memory by following his example of the Christian faith through my own service to others.

Dale Lewis Stillwagon, Sr.

I believe that God, in His infinite wisdom, brings people into our lives who bless us in marvelous ways.

When I first met Dale Stillwagon, Sr., I was immediately impressed by his Christian spirit and his kind, gentle manner.  Dale was an active member of his church, giving of his time and talents wherever he was needed.   Since Dale and his wife, Ginny, had four sons, I told them it was time they adopted a daughter, even though they were both in their 80’s and so they became my “Mama Ginny” and “Daddy Dale”!

A Florida native, Dale served as a Deputy Sheriff on horseback in the days when Largo, Florida, was primarily farmland.  At 89, he was still a first-class storyteller with a delightful sense of humor.  He had an amazing ability to remember jokes and stories about his days as a Deputy Sheriff from beginning to end. He had many interests, such as the Sheriff’s Boys Ranch.  I was honored to be his adopted “Daughter Jane”. He entered into immortality February 22, 2015.

Captain Mark Haynes Westerfield, Texas National Guard

My son, Mark, serves as Company Commander of a Light Infantry Company in the Texas National Guard. He is also a Pilot with American Eagle Airlines.   Mark has been a source of joy for his family all his life.  He has won numerous commendations throughout his military career and he is a man of integrity with a strong Christian faith.

Mark is a loving husband, father, son and brother and he has been recognized for outstanding leadership as a soldier and as a pilot. He and his wife, Loren, both served our country as Army Captains in Iraq. Mark is an excellent role model for his sons, Caleb and Cameron, and Mark and his family are faithful members of their church in Houston, Texas.

Through his sacrifices for our country and for his family, Mark’s life is an example of the Christian life at its finest.

This Father’s Day, and every day, may the Fathers of Faith in your own life grant you joy and the reassurance of God’s presence.



Dr. Jane Westerfield is the Author/Editor/Publisher of numerous books and articles on Christian topics. A native of South Georgia,she holds the Bachelor's degree from Wesleyan College, Macon, GA, the Master's degree from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, KY and the Doctor of Arts degree from Ball State University, Muncie, IN in Music and Education.With additional training as a Hospice Chaplain, she currently serves as a Volunteer Chaplain at a Hospice/Continuing Care facility in Florida. Dr. Jane is a member of The Professional Writers' Alliance, specializing in Christian copywriting. She may be contacted at drjanewesterfield@gmail.com

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