Fasting: Is Fasting God’s Key to Victory?


Pat Backora

Patricia Backora writes articles on problems in the contemporary church, and looks solely to correctly applied Scripture for answers to those problems.Kingdom Age Ministry Ban Preacher Greed Tough Love

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  1. Pule says:

    It seems that this articles and the writer deals only with those who are on the other side of extremity at the expense of a balanced view of fasting. In fact it seems that one would be forgiven for thinking this article cancels fasting out completely as an O.T practice from a legalistic and totally irrelevant church age point of view. What I was hoping to see was a conclusion that supports an appreciation of fasting as it should be and that is, fast if you sense a leading to do so to seek a closer walk with God not a magic trick but truly from a humbled attitude. Most well lead Christian churches don’t teach fasting on the basis of this ritualistic and extreme manner here in argued against and therefore I find the article not helpful to mature christian. Rather help teach fasting as it should be taught.

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