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Contrary to popular belief, caffeinated coffee is a medical wonder. We don’t know how it does what it does-and probably never will-but study after study proves that good things happen when coffee’s on the job.

And even healthy people get a health boost from coffee.

Benefits of coffee

Let’s look at the study-proven benefits of drinking caffeinated coffee. All studies used hot coffee made from roasted beans.

  • Drinking coffee every day keeps arteries slick and clean. Three to five cups daily was the sweet spot in this study. All bets are off, though, if soy, corn, etc. oil are in your diet; they create road rash in your arteries.
  • Drinking it daily reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s Disease. The more years of drinking it, the better, and again, three to five cups a day was optimum.
  • It reduces pain. Well actually, they don’t know if coffee reduced the pain itself or just your sensitivity to the pain, but either one sounds better than suffering.
  • A study in Japan followed 90,914 study participants for 18.7 years. Occasional coffee drinkers had a reduced rate of death from any cause of 9%. Those who drank one to two cups a day had a reduced death rate of 15%, and the three to four-cups a day group reduced their death rate by 24%. There was no difference in results for smokers vs non-smokers or male vs female.
  • It acts as a bronchodilator, which improves lung function and lowers the risk of respiratory disease.
  • It prevents excessive blood clotting.
  • A 2015 report, based on studies in Sweden and the U.S., showed a 33% lower risk of Multiple Sclerosis in Swedes who drank at least six cups a day and Americans who drank at least four cups a day. (I didn’t read a reason for the difference.)

Coffee and Prostate Cancer

  • One study followed nearly 50,000 men for twenty years. The men who drank the most coffee had a 60% decrease in their risk of the deadly form of prostate cancer. Those who drank three cups a day lowered their risk by 30%.
  • Women who drank three to five cups a day were less likely to suffer from tinnitus than those who drank only one cup a day.
  • A study from Spain found that trained athletes who drank coffee before exercising burned 15% more calories for three hours post-exercise. Another study came in at 20% more calories burned.
  • Increases physical endurance. One explanation says the caffeine makes exercise seem easier, so you can carry on longer.
  • It triggers your brain to release Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF), a growth factor. Besides blessing the brain, BDNF supports your mucles’ neuromotors, helping to prevent age-related muscle loss. Another study proved coffee also helped offset age-related loss of muscle strength.
  • BDNF activates conversion of brain stem cells to new neurons in your brain, improving brain function, including memory.
  • It increases the release of adrenal hormones, including dopamine and norepinephrine. You’ll hear that coffee is hard on dragging adrenal glands, but now we find it actually helps them.

Type 2 Diabetes

  • Coffee drinkers have a significantly reduced risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes. One large review study that included nearly 500,000 people said each daily cup of coffee reduced the risk by 7%, so five cups meant a 35% reduction. However, taking statin drugs, a known cause of diabetes, overcomes any benefit from coffee-or anything else-and down the hill you go.
  • Coffee drinkers have up to an 84% lower risk of developing liver cirrhosis, with the best success going to those who drank four or more cups a day.
  • Drinking coffee also reduces your risk of depression and suicide. One review study said four or more cups of coffee a day resulted in a 53% reduction in suicide risk. Caffeinated coffee contains B vitamins and several minerals, all of which are known to help with depression.
  • Coffee reduces the risk of developing melanoma. A 2015 study said men and women who drank four or more cups of coffee daily lowered their risk of developing malignant melanoma by 20%

The idea that caffeinated coffee could be good for health is a recent thing, so most of the studies mentioned were published in just the last few years. More studies are on the way.

In the meantime, brew yourself a little dark roast, relax, and enjoy both the flavor and the health benefits.

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P.S. Bette Dowdell is not a doctor, nor does she purport to be She’s a patient who’s been studying and successfully handling her own endocrine problems for more than 30 years. She offers introductory teleseminars and an in-depth 12-month subscription program, “Moving to Health” about living well with endocrine issues. She explains how things work-or don’t, discusses what things to avoid as well as the things that help, and she provides a lot of well-researched nutritional information. Subscribe to her free e-zine at Information is power.

Bette Dowdell

Bette Dowdell writes about taking control of your own health because that's the only choice life gave her.

Bette Dowdell

Bette Dowdell writes about taking control of your own health because that's the only choice life gave her.

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