Healed to be a Healer

healed to be a healer

In the 21st century we are able to receive and get messages in seconds due to the advancement of technology. We get valuable information on topics from both the secular and religious sectors. One of those topics deals with “healing”: healing of the emotions, healing of the mind and, spiritual healing.

From the secular point of view the promotion of self-awareness, self-affirmation and, positive thinking techniques are offered to us at bargain prices. We are told that we can get spiritual insight and healing through physic hot lines. Unfortunately many persons get caught in this deception and are worse off for having done so. However the Christian message says that Jehovah Rapha is our healer [Exodus 16:26].

Healed to be a Healer

Years ago I read Henri Nouwen’s book ‘the Wounded Healer’ and I was so encouraged by the content. Since reading the book I have come to realise that all of us in some way are wounded healers. Think of these examples:

If as a child growing up you were sick and almost died, then you have a testimony to tell and someone will be healed in the hearing;

If as a child [as I was] you were abused in any form, but you are now able have relationships with others that are wholesome, then you are a witness to God’s saving grace and someone will be healed just from knowing your story;

When you’ve been passed over for a special promotion, but now you’ve been told that you will be advanced to the highest office position, then you can proclaim that ‘God makes all things beautiful in His time’ and someone will be healed in the process.

You see, if you stop to think about it, we are witnesses time and again to the fact that God’s promises are true. It has been my privilege over the years to know that my testimony has blessed and encouraged others. They can see that my faith was never displaced and they are now able to have their faith increased.

As a child I was molested and as an adult I was abused, but through it all God kept me sane and allowed me to make the transition from victim to victor.

He can do it for you. Trust HIM. You too can be ‘healed to be a healer’.

I encourage you to meditate on the following passages on healing:

Matthew 8:5-17
Psalm 103:1-5
2 Cor. 4:10-11
Luke 12:11-16
Isaiah 53:4-5
James 5:14-15
Acts 5
Eph. 5:28-32

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