Hermeneutics: How to interpret the Bible



My name is Sam Davis. I am a Reformed Christian freelance writer. I love to write about theology; in fact, it is difficult for me to go very long without doing so. In my efforts at self-employment, it seemed reasonable and desirable to make what I enjoy work for me. If I can earn my bread while explaining the gospel, that would be the best of both worlds for me. I am a husband and father of six wonderful children. I attend Covenant Christian Church in Greenville MI.

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  1. John M. Moes says:

    You write: “If God’s words don’t have a specific meaning, then He hasn’t communicated with us, and He hasn’t revealed Himself to us.”
    If I understand what you have written, I agree completely. God thought words before that to which the words referred existed. He “sometimes” said the words, but before that to which the words referred existed He said, “Let be,” Until then (from the point of view of time) there was God, His thought, His word and His act of “saying” the word. But after the “time” if the action, the word had only on definition. Two examples: (1) God SAID, “Let there be light, and light existed.” Whatever that thing called “light” is, that is how the WORD is now God’s definition. I now need to study “light” to find God”s definition. (2) God SAID, “Let the waters swarm with living souls.” What ever the thing that began at that moment to exist is, is now God’s definition of His WORD “soul.” He used that word 750 more times in the OT. If it sometimes has a different meaning, and leaves it up to me to choose which one, He has not communicated

  2. Samuel Davis says:

    You’re right on track. God is the author and source of all meaning and purpose. Meaning begins with Him and He determines its boundaries. Sadly we live in amongst post-modern existentialists and nihilists who contest that writers intend to convey meaning, they contest that the writer’s intended meaning is more important than the reader’s perceived or imputed meaning, some even contest the reality of objective meaning.

    In such a world as they imagine, you can’t know anything for sure and we couldn’t rely upon revelation from God or upon His promises. Praise His name, He has given us something solid upon which to cast our weary souls.

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