How to Improve Your Future


We spend a lot of time thinking about the future, worrying what will happen, planning for what we hope to happen.

But that’s the future, the unpredictable future, and we have no control.

Well, not so fast with that control business. I can’t see even as much as five minutes into the future, but I can make a sure-fire prediction anyway: The future will go better if you pay attention to your health.

Improve your future

So, let’s talk about three simple ways to make your body happy. Nothing unachievable. Nothing grand. Simply a decision to help your body be all it can be.

Goal #1: In bed by 10PM

Be in bed by 10pm because that’s when the endocrine system starts recharging itself to prepare for the next day. First in line for rehab are our adrenal glands, which play a huge role in both stress and aging.

But what if that’s not possible? Well, give it your best shot; every other day is better than never.

If you work second shift, though, getting to bed by ten even every other day is a pipe dream. What then?

Then you need to give your adrenals the nutrition it needs to compensate. This compensation is very individual, and it takes some study to figure it out, but it’s worth the effort.

Goal #2: Get rid of fluoride

Get fluoride out of your life. Don’t drink or cook with fluoridated water. Don’t bathe or swim in fluoridated water. Don’t use fluoridated toothpaste. Don’t take antibiotics, antidepressants or any other medicine containing fluoride.

(You want some good news? If you get your nutritional house in order, you won’t ever need antibiotics, etc. Yes, really.)

Ideally, no city should fluoridate the water, but there’s a lot of pressure on them to pour that poison into our water.

For one instance, rather than pay to dispose of their hazardous waste, fluoride peddlers give big-time money to the American Dental Association, so dentists man the ramparts whenever fluoride gets threatened. They shout about “the children” (always a clue that bogosity fills the air), and predict mass chaos as children’s teeth rot and drop out. In fact, fluoride is very hard on teeth-and the brain, the bones, the digestive system, and I could go on-but it takes determined folks to fight the tsunami of money. Especially when the media is sloshing around in it, too.

Fluoride is about money, not health.

Goal #3: Saturated fat

Eat lots of good saturated fat. Every meal, every day.

Quit clutching your heart already. Our bodies, including our hearts, love saturated fat. Even more, they need plenty o’ saturated fat.

Without enough saturated fat, your body says, “I don’t think so!” at the very thought of losing weight. Your body knows you desperately need saturated fat, even if you think you don’t.

And if you’re dragging your patooty whilst moaning about thyroid problems, you need to know the thyroid-along with the rest of the endocrine system-swoons unless it gets saturated fat. Now, the thyroid is prone to swooning, and there are about a bajillion things that bring on the vapors; a lack of saturated fat is one of them.

Notice, please, that I said “good” saturated fat. That excludes most of what you can buy at grocery stores, even some health food stores, including meat, dairy products, chickens and eggs.

If you can’t get grass-fed, grass-finished beef or pork, pastured chickens and eggs, wild-caught fish, etc.-or you eat only plant-based foods-investigate organic coconut oil. It’s widely available, and four tablespoons a day-slurped off the spoon, in soups, in oatmeal, in coffee, whatever-works wonders.

So there you have it: Three tried-and-true ways to make good things happen in 2015.
• Go to bed on time
• Avoid fluoride
• Eat saturated fat.

While just a tip of the toe in an ocean of ways you can help your body, these three tips are a good start.

God is good,

Bette Dowdell   
Too Pooped to Participate

Copyright by Bette Dowdell. All rights reserved

P.S. Bette Dowdell is not a doctor, nor does she purport to be She’s a patient who’s been studying and successfully handling her own endocrine problems for more than 30 years. She offers introductory teleseminars and an in-depth 12-month subscription program, “Moving to Health” about living well with endocrine issues. She explains how things work-or don’t, discusses what things to avoid as well as the things that help, and she provides a lot of well-researched nutritional information. Subscribe to her free e-zine at Information is power.

Bette Dowdell

Bette Dowdell writes about taking control of your own health because that's the only choice life gave her.

Bette Dowdell

Bette Dowdell writes about taking control of your own health because that's the only choice life gave her.

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