Magic Bullets vs Body Parts


Doctors have trained us well. In medical practice today, every body function has its own speciality-cardiology, gastroenterology, endocrinology, podiatry, otology, ophthalmology, and on and on.

Doctors attempting to treat the whole body-wholistic treatment, if you will-receive less income and less esteem. Internists, family practice doctors and general practitioners do the heavy lifting of trying to get all our parts going in the same direction, but the acclaim goes to the specialities.

Our body is one system

We need to rethink this.

Our bodies aren’t a bunch of independent systems, but one system of integrated parts that constantly seeks balance. Treating just one problem sends your body into a frenzy of activity as it attempts to balance the change with everything else you have going on.

That reality is my reason for writing today.

I’m caught short time and again by people with endocrine problems who lose interest when I mention the need to support the whole body-with our daily schedule, nutritional supplements, avoiding health-harmful things around us, etc.-in order to raise the endocrine system to health.

Ho, boy! I had better success with my kids when they were teenagers!

Magic bullet

These people know what they know, and what they know is that somewhere out there, kept hidden by evil forces, is a magic bullet that will cure everything that ails them.

I have to tell you, after more than thirty years of reading, studying, and working to make my endocrine system see the error of its ways, I’d be the first one to shout from the mountaintop about the long-sought magic bullet-if there were one. Which there isn’t.

And it wouldn’t work anyway. If a magic bullet fixed our endocrine system, the rest of our body would leap into action to balance everything out, dragging down our endocrine system in the process.

A healthy endocrine system can’t exist in an unhealthy body.

My goal, then, has to be twofold: A healthy endocrine system in a healthy body.

Because that’s the only way it can work. And the fact is, it works for me.

I have a healthy body and an endocrine system-every part of which used to misfunction-that’s moving right along.

I’m no longer tired all the time. I’m awake and alert all day, and when it’s time to go to bed, I’m asleep all night. My brain holds onto thoughts for more than five milliseconds. Headaches are a thing of the past. I don’t get colds or the flu. My hair stays in my scalp, not in the shower drain. I no longer look like death struck by a brick; in fact, I’m the picture of energetic health.

If that sounds good to you, let’s see what we can do together. Even without magic bullets.

Check out Bette Dowdell to see the health possibilities I offer.

God is good,

Bette Dowdell  
Too Pooped to Participate

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P.S. Bette Dowdell is not a doctor, nor does she purport to be She’s a patient who’s been studying and successfully handling her own endocrine problems for more than 30 years. She offers introductory teleseminars and an in-depth 12-month subscription program, “Moving to Health” about living well with endocrine issues. She explains how things work-or don’t, discusses what things to avoid as well as the things that help, and she provides a lot of well-researched nutritional information. Subscribe to her free e-zine at Information is power.

Bette Dowdell

Bette Dowdell writes about taking control of your own health because that's the only choice life gave her.

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Bette Dowdell

Bette Dowdell writes about taking control of your own health because that's the only choice life gave her.

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