Satan: No Sympathy for the Devil

I want You!

Pat Backora

Patricia Backora writes articles on problems in the contemporary church, and looks solely to correctly applied Scripture for answers to those problems.Kingdom Age Ministry Ban Preacher Greed Tough Love

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  1. peter says:

    Awesome testimony ghandi said hate the sin love the sinner the bible has to be read in context and discerned, I abhor evil and those who hate JESUS… My response is to wash the dust of my feet if they are to hardened to love… TY for this great peace which I take as identifying who is with us and who is against us..

  2. Cottona1l says:

    I pity the devil. I don’t think God will take issue with pity. He too pities him. He shows compassion to the kind. Christ’s gift will be known to the kind! Easter is upon us!

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