Secondhand Smoke – Avoid Exposure to Smoke

secondhand smoke

Shaila Touchton

Shaila D Touchton was born and raised in a well educated family in India and has completed her Bachelor of Electrical & Electronics Engineering Degree from NMAMIT, India and other various Certifications Courses in Computers & Networking. Also she has Doctor of Biblical Studies(Honours), Doctor of Theological Study Ministries(Honours), Doctor of Christian Counseling(Honours) and Doctor of Internet Evangelism(Honours). She also have Doctor of Healing and Deliverance from Ave Maria Theological Seminary.She had worked for I.T and Engineering companies in the past and now she is a stay Home Christian Mother, Wife of Daniel Touchton and a Christian writer contributing articles and Poems. She has self published three books using print-on-demand called Christian Living, Seek God’ s Truth and Living a Godly Life .She has passion for writing Christian articles and has contributed many articles and blogs online. She has a great love for the study of Gods word in a deep way. She has an incredible heart to serve the Lord and she loves to encourage and uplift others to a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through her writings.God bless each and every one of you who takes the time to read her articles.

2 Responses

  1. ANONYMOUS says:

    sounds like hogwash, God never means harm

    • Lloyd Mize says:

      It is not God who harms but we humans bring harm to ourselves; Second hand smoke does cause harm to those near someone who is smoking, especially if they are constantly near the smoke.

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