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Stress comes at us from all directions. Sometimes it’s subtle so we have no idea what’s getting on our last nerve. Other times, of course, it’s all too obvious: Difficult relationships, a job we hate, a boss who acts like a dictator, a neighbor who favors middle-of-the-night, crank-the-music-up parties, the homeowner’s association that believes God put them in charge of your life, and I could go on. And so, I’m sure, could you.

There’s not a whole lot of peace in the valley these days. This lack of peace gives us two choices: We can resent our struggle while we suffer, stagger, and lament our lot in life, or we can figure out possibilities for at least partial relief.

As you might guess, I recommend the latter plan of action. And I also recommend you cheer yourself on with “attaboys!”-little prizes to encourage you along the way.

Sources of stress

Developing solutions is much easier when you know the sources of your stress. Today, let’s talk about significant, but relatively unknown, stress can reach out and snatch at us.

Making big demands on a dry well

This one is huge, absolutely huge. If we don’t give our bodies the nutritional support they need, we can’t be making demands. For instance, if you Zumba your patooty off, whilst getting frequent colds or the flu, it means your nutrition doesn’t have enough oomph to support all that Zumbaing. Which will come as a surprise to those who follow politically-correct diets of low fat, low protein, low salt, etc. With nutrition like that, your body can get winded just playing tiddly-winks.

Our inept local governments

The rest of the world seems to be getting the message, but in the U.S., local governments still insist on putting fluoride in the water system. They don’t want anybody to think they’re not keeping up with the times, and they don’t want to be different.

Meanwhile, fluoride kills the thyroid (which then makes a shambles out of the rest of our endocrine system, the master of our health), it weakens our muscles and tendons so they strain and tear with little provocation, it deposits heavy metals in our bodies, it weakens bones, it mottles teeth, especially those of children, and on, and on.

And the federal government is also in the game, pushing fluoride hard, mainly through hygiene and medicine. Fluoride, as you know, is in toothpaste-enough to kill a small child, in fact. And it’s in newer antibiotics, so while they may heal the current infection, they also set you up for problems down the road. And it’s in antidepressants and antipsychotic meds, which don’t work in any case.

Digital revolution and stress

And the digital revolution isn’t helping, either

Electricity has frequencies. Our bodies also have electrical frequencies, and these frequencies are unique to each individual. Across the world and across history, nobody’s ever had the same electrical frequencies as you do.

Sometimes the frequencies from electrical systems conflict with body frequencies, and stress shows up like Johnny-on-the-spot. Some of us don’t notice all this electrical zinging around, although it adds stress to our bodies, but some have major health effects and have to move away from electricity just to stay alive. Most of us are in the middle, but none of us are unaffected.

Stress and our DNA

And what part of us is affected? Our DNA.

Thomas Edison started it all with the light bulb. He probably never imagined the power and strength of the gorilla he gave birth to. Let’s look at some of the offspring.

Things that significantly increase our electro-magnetic frequency (EMF) load:

• Wi-Fi, wireless routers, ethernet cables
• Cell phones, whether by our ear or in our pocket
• Cell phone towers within a mile or two
• Remote controls
• Electrical sub-station nearby
• Microwaves
• Smart meters
• Electric toothbrushes
• And all other wireless devices.
• Etc.

Does everybody have a problem with EMF? No. While electrical frequencies don’t help anybody’s health, many of us can deal with them.

There are many positive things you can do to protect you and yours. For one example, before you go to bed, turn off everything that adds to your EMF load; we are more susceptible at night.

Most importantly, improve your nutrition, both diet and supplements. Nutritional deficiencies actually attract electrical frequencies to us-straight to our DNA. Poor nutrition leaves us vulnerable, while pumping up nutrition gives our bodies the ammunition they need to fight the battle with vigor.

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God is good,

Bette Dowdell   
Too Pooped to Participate

Copyright by Bette Dowdell. All rights reserved

P.S. Bette Dowdell is not a doctor, nor does she purport to be She’s a patient who’s been studying and successfully handling her own endocrine problems for more than 30 years. She offers introductory teleseminars and an in-depth 12-month subscription program, “Moving to Health” about living well with endocrine issues. She explains how things work-or don’t, discusses what things to avoid as well as the things that help, and she provides a lot of well-researched nutritional information. Subscribe to her free e-zine at Information is power.

Bette Dowdell

Bette Dowdell writes about taking control of your own health because that's the only choice life gave her.

Bette Dowdell

Bette Dowdell writes about taking control of your own health because that's the only choice life gave her.

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