Oh, What A Coincidence!


Standing in line at the check-out counter one day, I felt an urge to chat with the lady next to me. She looked rather sad and withdrawn. A few days later, just as I stepped out of my front door, I noticed her walking by! I had never seen her before. Surely just a coincidence, I thought.

Then, the following week she passed by my corner again! Oh well. must be a new neighbour, I wondered. Then it happened a third time! I happened to be near the end of the driveway when suddenly we stood face to face. We exchanged first names; she shared that her husband had passed away a couple of months earlier, and that she lives “half an hour’s walk” from me. There was a connection; a hug. O.K., I thought, watching her walk away: That was nice; now what? Was this all merely coincidence? Would I ever meet her again? If so; why? You just couldn’t make this happen! Different days; different times! I shrugged; looking up, I blurted out loud: “The ball is in Your Court!”

Another week goes by and I’m on my knees transplanting some seedlings. I hear footsteps. Sure enough, it’s my new acquaintance! I jump up, and exclaim: I don’t believe in coincidences; do you? Her immediate response was: May I please have your phone number? The very next day were were enjoying a cup of coffee on her deck!

We started walking together and sharing our love of travel, etc. I soon found out that her husband and her had spent several winters in the Dominican Republic, which she had sorely missed since her husband’s illness. Would I be interested in going with her for two months???? My jaw dropped. I stammered that I would like to discuss it with my family. Really I was kind of numb, and sat on it for a couple of weeks. Not really sure. Two weeks, maybe, but a couple of months? This was not even on my bucket list! My girls exclaimed: Mom; you gotta go! I turned to my heavenly Father:” If this truly is not a coincidence, and You are orchestrating this, then you will also provide the finances.”

It’s now July; the condo is confirmed. Time to book the tickets while special rates are in effect. I check in with Aeroplan, wondering if my years of saving points would be of any help. Again, a jaw-dropping moment; I have exactly the number of points needed to cover my return flight! God, You are so good! I could hardly believe it!

A couple of months go by, and I sign up to work for the Quebec elections. Expecting to work on the day of the elections, which I had done several times, I was surprised when asked to do revisions for three weeks! The money I made covered my share of the condo! Certainly no coincidence here!

The trip both literally and figuratively was priceless! Groceries there are on a par with here with the exception of all the wonderful, luscious, fresh fruit and veggies, which are much cheaper. The weather was a perfect 28. The miles-long pristine stretch of beach was right across the street, and the ocean so warm and inviting. Daily swims and long beach walks have done me a ton of good; even lost some pounds! My most precious moments were when my two daughters each spent a week with me. One soon after I arrived; the other celebrating our last week there. So very special enjoying mother-daughter times!

Yes! I am getting ready to go again from mid-January to mid-March, and totally trusting in His Guidance! This time we will be a threesome! Another coincidence? I think not! Could it be a coincidence that just at this time my friend and I reconnected after a number of years, and that she also ‘happens’ to know my walking friend from the gym class they both attend?

Stay tuned! With the Lord there is no coincidence. He delights in showering blessings!

Anyone who withholds kindness from a friend forsakes the fear of the Almighty. Job 6:14

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Ann Stewart
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Ann Stewart

Ann Stewart Montreal, Canada Author, "With Wings as Eagles" Life Altering Words ann@lifealteringwords.comAnn's passion is to encourage, inspire and share Father's amazing Love

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